Jason Tom

Beatboxer, Blogger, Mathematician, Presenter, Philanthropist, Entertainer, Entertainment

“It's not every guy who gets mistaken for a boombox. Jason Tom, one of Hawaiʻi's most visible beatboxers, is a walking, talking instrument; an energetic combination of drums, snare, vocals and synthesizer, all replicated using his voice.” — Tracy Chan

Jason Tom's Bio:

“Hawai’i’s human beatbox Jason Tom performs around the globe - and his videos are amazing! Check out this super talented performer!”
— Bandzoogle

Jason Tom is a sought after human beatbox, blogger, public speaker, and math coach.

Jason got inspired by Charlie and Lucy Wedemeyer's story. When they signed his copy of Charlie's Victory that launched him to want to make a difference in this world.

At an early age, Jason was vocally compelled to sing the snare of a drum, and the bass of a synthesizer. Today, he vocally sings the didgeridoo by fusing beatboxing, and Genghis Blues-inspired Tuvan throat singing.

Jazz legend Bobby McFerrin and Michael Winslow the Man of 10,000 Sound Effects are the blueprint of a beatboxer. The "human beatbox" was coined by Dj Barry B in 1982 to describe Doug E. Fresh, when he would vocally mimic a drum machine. Beatbox in hip hop described a "drum machine." A human beatbox in urban culture is a "human drum machine." Buffy of the rap trio Fat Boys made the human beatbox go mainstream. In modern day, a human beatbox is known also as a beatboxer, mouth drummer, multi vocalist, and vocal percussionist. Biz Markie, Rahzel the Godfather of Noise, and Kenny Muhammad the Human Orchestra paved the way for the next wave of beatboxers.

Hawaiʻi's human beatbox pioneers Radical Rob, Gizmo, Re-Run, and Joevon Brown paved the way for Jason Tom. Asian American beatboxers Leejay Abucayan and Elaine Chao, and BET's 106 & Park Freestyle Friday Hall of Famer MC Jin also inspired him.

Let's rewind back in time to 1989, Jason Tom's amateur beatbox days began at age six, and Ronald Regan wrapped up his last term as the 40th United States President. That took place at his parents' master bedroom he turned into music studio with his music cassette recorder in the concrete jungle of Downtown Honolulu. He music cassette recorded his beatboxing by memory of Michael Jackson "Bad" after he had seen Moonwalker VHS at Liholiho Elementary, and at family gatherings. He was inspired by the raw urban culture and New York Subway scenes in "Bad," "Badder," and Weird Al Yankovic's "Fat."

Fast forward to 2004, Jason's pro beatbox days began at age 21 after a life defining and pivotal movement of his life.

Rewind back to the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, Jason continued to beatbox behind the scenes when he transferred to Kauluwela Elementary, and his years at Kawananakoa Middle, and McKinley High. He attempted to play a toy piano, ukulele, tuba, and a Chinese lion dance play set. Jason was more compelled to sing the instruments than to play them by hand.

As a Kauluwela Tiger Cub, he self-published comic books and created characters like Gecko Man to a small audience. He briefly attended and dropped out of Sun Yat-sen Chinese School.

As a McKinley Tiger, Jason was a two-year letterman in varsity soccer and judo. He was known on the McKinley Tiger judo team as "Spider-Man." Jason's was McKinley Tiger soccer's leading goal scorer, one goal, in regular season play his senior year. He was honored the McKinley boys soccer's Mr. Hustle Award. In judo, Jason secured 10 point wins for the undefeated McKinley Tiger judo team against the Kailua Surfriders and Kaimuki Bulldogs before the Oʻahu Interscholastic Association's team championship were cancelled due to furlough.

2001, the September 11th New York attack indirectly impacted Jason's academic performance in college. He took a two-year break.

In 2002, Jason worked at a furniture warehouse, and he joined Albany Judo Club in Northern California. He earned gold medals at San Jose State University, and City College of San Francisco judo tournaments.

Fast forward to 2004, Jason last joined Shobukan Judo Club and won a third place trophy at a judo tournament at Salt Lake District Park. He then collided with a SUV near Pizza Hut, and Liliha Bakery that left him unconscious. He had just finished practice at Shobukan Judo Club. Driver rendered help and an ambulance team brought Jason to Queen's Medical Center.

Once conscious, Jason reflected upon his life up to that point, and then he began his career profession in entertainment and music as a beatboxer. He returned to college and judo flipped his college academic transcript from a 1.0 to 4.0 grand point average. In 2005, he began his academic career as a mathematician.

In 2006, Jason was recipient of the Freeman Foundation Scholarship to study intensive Chinese at Beijing Foreign Studies University. He was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and was honored on the University of Hawaiʻi at Kapiʻolani Community College's Dean's List of 2006 to 2007. Jason graduated from KCC in 2007.

Jason then enrolled in music business and audio engineering courses at Belmont University's Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business, and the University of Hawaiʻi at Honolulu Community College.

Jason Tom was a four-time KCC Student Talent Show top 6 finalist, Word of Life Emerge Talent Show grand finalist, Pipeline's Got Talent grand finalist, Road to Southby's Battle of the Bands grand finalist, four-time HawaiiSlam First Thursdays top 12 grand slam poet, and top 3 musician of the McDonald's of Hawaiʻi's NextNext music competition. He guest judged the 2019 Brown Bags to Stardom Statewide Grand Finals.

Jason Tom was nominated as one of the top 150 professional vocal percussion artists for the Beatbox Battle World Championship, is a featured musician on a Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award nominated Best Hip Hop and RnB Album, Honolulu Weekly's Best Local Musician Deserving of a Wider Audience! He has been honored the TEDx Honolulu Presenter Award for "Vocal Groove," and Hawaiʻi Scene Choice "Best Solo Performer" Award.

"Beatbox Lobby," "Jake Shimabukuro jams with human beatbox," and "Listen Carefully" are his debut YouTube hits.

Chaminade Silversword Newspaper named Jason Tom as Hawai’i's King of Beatbox, Jody Kamisato refer him as Hawai’i's Human Beatbox, and basketball coach Allan Silva call him the Human Beatbox Machine! He's presented at the Chevron Speech Festival, Hawai’i Children and Youth Day, and has performed for middle- and high school students on the American Lung Association in Hawaiʻi's Music With A Message tour.

Jason's presented at TEDx Talk Shift Conference and was interviewed by Angela Keen. Jason Tom has opened for Michael Winslow, Jabbawockeez, Quest Crew, Reeps One, and has collaborated live with Tom Thum, Jake Shimabukuro, Kamuela Kahoano, and Makana.

With Prisma Dance, Jason Tom is the beatbox specialty artist for the Creation production, and together they've presented showcases at Ala Moana Centerstage, U.S.VETS, Shriners Hospital, Celebrate Kalihi, and Harvest Celebration at Kalihi Union Church!

“Jason Tom is an incredible talent. If you can make it to his gigs, please do so. He will blow you away. ” — Traci Toguchi

Jason's completed a Now We Collide music project in Sydney, Australia with a to be announced release date.

This Honolulu native has lived coast to coast in Northern California, and New York, and overseas in Beijing, China. Jason enjoys blogging out of the Gathering Place in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi! Visit him online at JasonTom.com, HawaiiBeatbox.com, and JasonTom.org!

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Kapiʻolani CC alum stays on beat spreading message of perseverance
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Oahu Beatboxer Jason Tom performs

"He's performed for nearly a decade, and is educating many young and old about the art form of beatboxing."
— Jill Kuramoto

Local beatboxer shares his sounds

"Jason Tom is a local beatboxer sharing his distinct sounds around the world, and to local keiki through his 'music with a message.'"
— Jill Kuramoto

Dhevhan Keith and Jason Tom perform "Haleiwa"
Honolulu, Hawaii news, sports & weather - KITV Channel 4

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What people are saying about Jason Tom?
"Who is Jason Tom? Well as an Artist he is gutsy, talented and prolific, he's transformed his voice into multiple instruments, if you close your eyes at one of his shows you'll forget that all of those sounds are coming from a young mans voice. As a person he's kind, morally centered and friendly, he works hard to be a good guy in a world where it's not popular to be the good guy."
— Victor Artis

"Who is Jason Tom... he is inspiring, enthusiastic, and a gatherer of people. So thankful for him!"
— Amanda Frazier

“Jason Tom is from another planet! He is the Michael Jordan of beatboxing! The Human Beatbox Machine!”
— Allan Silva

“Jason Tom is a world class talent with a passion for beatboxing. Beyond his incredible talent, Jason is a hard working, creative, loyal and compassionate human being who is clearly an outstanding example of living aloha. He is an inspiration to the world, including myself.”
— Jody Kamisato

“Great entertainers are far and few between. Jason Tom is a great entertainer and motivator on stage. Need more like him!”
— Johnny Kai

"My family and I heard Jason Tom at the Creation performance. He was amazing. My son, Nicholas and his friend, Payton thought his beatboxing was a recording but at the end of the show he was kind enough to introduce himself to our family and beatbox for the boys. They realized it wasn't a recording. Jason is talented and personable. If you get a chance to see him perform, do so. You won't be disappointed."
— Julie Kim Segawa

"Jason Tom is the only beat boxer I've ever heard to imitate a didgeridoo! I first saw him at an open mic downtown, and he made such an impression. I recognized him at another open mic in town a year later! Great artist with a big heart and smile. Keep it up Jason!"
— Erika Gormon

"Jason Tom is an outgoing guy who is not afraid to make new friends. He is a passionate guy who loves to share life with others through his music & faith. It's been really nice getting to know Jason and all the dope places God is taking him!"
— B-Girl Emerge

"This is a guy that you must meet- It's not only Jason Tom's talent that is entertaining but the way he speaks on the mic. I've seen him dozen's of times and he is a chemist on stage; Just by communicating to the crowd, within thirty seconds all attention turns to him, everyone's faces light up with smiles, and phone's wave in the air for social media videos. He is a role model in many ways for example, I haven't met another artist that can match his dedication or get to the level he is at. Which most artist give up. His achievement of getting McDonald's to recognized him and placing 2nd as Hawaii's favorite artist is tremendous. And he has natural positive energy that is something that everyone seems to be contagious to. There are great reason's he's admired by many and if I had one wish for Jason Tom, it's for the world to get to know this man on the same level that Hawaii does."
— Travis Matthews

"Jason Tom is an incredibly gifted servant of the Lord with a kind heart and a passion for sharing God's love with those around him! He inspires others through both his faith and his talent, has overcome numerous challenges with grace and a positive attitude, and will go on to change lives as he brings people closer to their Loving Father!"
— Kelly Copper

"Jason Tom is someone who makes you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to. He is an awesome beatboxer and all around cool guy. I don't know him that well, but during the 30 minutes I heard him speak I felt like he genuinely cared about everyone in the room and took an interest in us which made us take an interest in him. He went around and introduced himself to everyone individually which is something that you don't see that often. He is very personable and a great entertainer!"
— Maia Goel

"Jason Tom is the man who put hawaii on the map in the beatbox community. He is a teacher of others, and a man who inspires others who can beatbox to bring their talent to the stage."
— Isaiah Acosta

"I met Jason Tom on the set of a TV commercial we were shooting together. We spent the entire day with each other on stage performing and in that short period of time I got to know Jason. He is one of the most understanding, compassionate, intelligent and caring people I've ever met. You only meet people like Jason a handful of times in this life. He's also a bloody talented beatboxer, performer and entertainer!"
— Rhys Thomas

"Jason Tom is Hawaii's Best Beatboxer!"
— Kavet the Catalyst

"Jason Tom is my very talented friend...in my eyes and experience he is one of the world's best beat box entertainer and a master at his talent in rhythms and beats and tones... very first time I saw and met him a few years ago at a event in Aloha Tower Honolulu, when I heard him I knew then he would be as good as he wants to be... keep it up my friend.
— Rolando Sanchez

"Jason Tom is someone who loves the Lord and is obedient to what God has called him to do. Gifted and talented, Jason is passionate about what he does, is hard working, has a humble spirit, and is an inspiration to us all."
— Gale West

"I met Jason Tom at Paliku Theatre on the Creation Production by Prisma Dance. Great guy to work with, very talented and gifted, well-rounded and secure in what he does and what he knows. We've had many a good talks about life and work related topics. Would trust this guy with my life."
— Elisha Qalo

"Hawaii's #1 Beatboxer Jason Tom!"
— Word of Life Emerge

"Jason Tom is my Brother from another Mother... we connected years and years ago through my research on seeing new talent in the Hawaii scene and Jason's name bubbled up to the top. And when I finally found him with my Son Leo with me we were mesmerized. And I got Leo one of Jason's awesome T-shirts. Then Leo asked for more. Validating Jason's appeal to the cool up and coming generation! I have been throwing my support behind Jason ever since! Jason truly emotes and Lives Aloha!"
— Paul Klink

"Jason Tom is an amazing beatboxer who captures his audience with his talented array of beats. His desire is not to keep his talent, yet to inspire others to grow their ability to stardom. Generously gives his time and talents to deliver a positive message while he was volunteering for MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE for almost a decade reaching over 10,000 to 20,000 students each year to high and middle schools."
— Debbie Apolo

"To me Jason Tom is a very talented young man that's on a mission from God to not only entertain but to touch the heart and spirit of every single person in his path. He understands that life doesn't always turn out the way we want or expect it to be but that with God all things are possible. He truly cares about people and is filled with the love of God and that is why I feel he does what he does. That to me is who Jason Tom is."
— Nathan Izumi

"Jason is undoubtedly one of Hawaii's most thrilling entertainers. Reaching out to his community and uplifting others is deep in his blood. On stage he is a class act, and offstage he is a genuine influencer, a teacher of faith, a perseverer, a trailblazer, and a friend to many (including me). I ran into him with my family a few years ago at an Ala Moana show, where he approached me and told me to "check this out." AWESOME beatboxing ensued.

Consider it lucky to have such a well-rounded, dedicated entertainer who is not only able to put on a spectacular show as an innovative beatboxer but also is able to step off stage and infect others with all the plethora of care, enthusiasm, and optimism that he carries in his heart.

He is Jason Tom - and, ladies and gentlemen, he's a good one."
— Mark Gerardo

"Jason Tom is a one-of-a-kind individual. During my sophomore year of high school, I remember watching him beatbox for our school for just a few minutes and was blown away by the amount of talent he was able to showcase in just that limited amount of time. Fast forward about three years or so, I was looking to write a feature story of a KCC alumnus/alumna for the KCC newspaper and came across Jason's name online. He was quick to respond to me when I reached out to him, and he was very interested in being featured. I got the chance to interview him, and couldn't believe the stories that he had to share with me. Over a two hour period, I was able to learn a lot about who Jason was, and he has proved to me that anybody can make it in life when even in the toughest situations. His humor and charismatic nature really bring his personality to life, and it blows me away to know that he has a positive impact on the community not only through his beatboxing but also through his words. Jason is inspiring, and I'm glad that I got to chat with him and share his story with many others and beyond."
—Lexus Yamashiro

"Jason epitomizes what it means to follow your passion with commitment and unyielding grit in the face of adversity! He has natural talent to impress, but most impressive is his heartfelt dedication to helping others in finding their own path, just as he has done. Keep doing you, Jason!"
—Chris Takahashi

“I don't think I can think of a better example of stretching the limits of potential than what Jason Tom can do with his voice. The sounds that he creates from his body are seriously incredible. Beyond that, what he has done with his talent is truly inspiring. His performance at TEDx Talks was one of the ones that inspired me to start this blog.”
— Jennifer Takahashi

“Jason Tom's rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' is a spectacle of showmanship. From the first drum and snare beats, the song is recognizable, and you wonder how so many sounds could be coming from one person's mouth. Add to this Jason Tom's signature Michael Jackson moves, from the hip thrust to the hand jive.”
— Tracy Chan

“I couldn't take my eyes off Jason Tom. There is no denying he is interesting to watch. He definitely has talent, and he seems like a really nice guy. Could we be witnessing Hawai'i's first beatbox star?”
— Andy Bumatai

Jason Tom's Experience:

  • Professional Beatboxer at Jason Tom

  • Hip hop production at Word of Life Hawaii

  • Lead Sales Associate at 7-Eleven

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader at University of Hawaii at Kapiolani

  • Amatuer Beatbox Career at Jason Tom

  • Adonis Furniture

  • Comic Book Self-Publishing at

  • Volleyball Team Manager at President William McKinley High School

Jason Tom's Education:

  • University of Hawaii Honolulu Community College

    Concentration: Music, Singing & Songwriting/composing,dancing and acting, Audio Engineering/Music Production, Music Business/Management
  • Belmont University

    Concentration: Music Business, Audio Engineering, Songwriting
  • Kapiolani Community College

  • University of Hawaii at Kapiolani

    Concentration: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, I received a Liberal Arts degree., Associate of Arts
  • Beijing Foreign Studies University

    Concentration: Mandarin Chinese
  • Hawaii Tokai International College

    Concentration: Scholarship, Mandarin Chinese
  • Beijing Foreign Studies University

    Concentration: Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese Language & Culture
  • President William McKinley High School

  • President William McKinley High School

Jason Tom's Interests & Activities:

Jason Tom's interests and activities include beatboxing, blogging, reading, mathematics, journaling, meditating on the Word of God. Loves God, loves people, and loves to eat all kinds of food!